Hub-and-Spoke Platform Architecture

  • Direct connections between all external tools and the SBE Platform
  • Full bi-directional communication with each connected system
  • Eliminates the need for any point-to-point integrations
  • Exponentially increases performance and reduces maintenance per-connector versus a point-to-point connector approach
  • Full, lossless transformation of all objects into or from a proprietary SBE model format

Rich Ontology-Driven Graphical User Interfaces allow SMEs to Manage External System Mappings

No-Code Reporting and Analytics Out of the Box

  • End-users can easily build dashboards and generate reports for their specific use cases
  • Reports are dynamic; changes to datasets ingested into the SBE Platform can be visualized in real time
  • Dashboard elements are modular and can be reused where needed
  • All end-user-built visual elements can be exported and reimported as needed, even between different instances of the SBE Vision platform

Sophisticated Configuration Management

Simple, Git-Inspired Change
Management User Interface

  • Visualize all changes to model data in a familiar, side-by-side layout
  • Manage and commit changes to any connected Authoritative Source of Truth
  • Supports change management for model properties, relations, ancestry, and ASoT

Intuitive, Lightning-Fast Semantic Search UI